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Farasdanga Trails…

Farasdanga Trails…
Institut De Chandernagore

Avidip, one of our favourite sketchers has had an immense influence on getting us to write this blog. Chandan nagar or Chandernagore was as remotly placed as one can imagine in our mind spaces, until he showed us the bygone beauty of this colony through his fast paced sketching style. We are hoping that the visual & written glimpse of Chander nagore in this blog would bring back plethora of childhood memories associated with the colonial structures & the bygone colours deeply rooted in most of our sub conscious.

The name Chander nagore (a town in the Hoogly district in the Indian state of West Bengal) was possibly derived from the shape of the bank of river Hoogly which looked like a moon shaped crescent ( Chand means moon & nager means town ). The town was also once known as the hub for the trade of Sandalwood where it derived its current name Chandan Nagar from (Chandan means Sandal.) And hey, fascinatingly, Farasdanga was another name given to the town when the French reigned over the territory. (Faras means French & Danga means Land). The French land. The places of interest in Chandernagore are plenty. We are taking this opportunity to elaborate on few of the edifices which caught our attention & the sketches thereafter are so relatable.

  1. The Chandan Nagar Strand is the most important and popular pathway in all of Chandan Nagar. The strand is built along the Ganges river, lined with trees and lights. Chandannagar Strand has many buildings of historic importance. The structure in the paiting is one of the famous spots in Strand Road where tourists & local stroll and enjoy the breeze along with the picturique view of small boats that sail by.

Kantha stories can be endless and the above was just a glimpse. The women featured below are some of the few innumerable craftswomen without whom the industry would fall apart. I express my gratitude towards them for their seamless contribution to the entire Kantha fraternity both locally and globally.

Nritya Golal Smriti Mandir, Chandernagore
Sacred Heart Church Chandernagore


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