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Gole Kantha cushion cover: An excellent purchase …very well finished. The design and colour combination matches with all kinds of sofa fabric .Planning to buy more.

Debjani Mitra

Bow & Cheli Stole: Excellent product….great design…..good material and very comfortable….absolute value for money

Pradip Mitra

Durba- It is a classic saree, exceptionally beautiful.

Dr. Jolly Mahapatra

I needed a Saree to attend my friend’s wedding and have no idea since I am a Japanese. My friend introduced Kalkatte Vaali. The Saree that I received on the wedding day was so beautiful and even the people from India came to me and asked where did I get this beautiful saree. I will wear this again and again in Japan and also anywhere in the world. Thank you so much to deliver it on time.

Naoko Rokuroman

Kantha embroidered silk stole

The beauty, elegance of this ‘artwork’ stole adds charm to any dress and makes anyone wearing it look fabulous 😍 I use it quite extensively.

Suvoluxmi Sircar

Kantha embroidered silk stoles

Hey ! My friend gifted me 2 stoles from your collection. i would love to share – You are very thoughtful and your authentic fabrics and designs are so detail oriented. Kudos to your passion and hardwork. 👍

Palak Vora

Kantha embroidered silk stole

A wonderful gift on Thanks Giving. The handwork is authentic and contemporary. Glad to have found this and enjoyed the lovely feeling of gifting something special and personal

Tabassum Munir

Kantha embroidered silk saree

This review a bit long due …these Kanta work Sarees are just beyond exquisite ! They are one of a kind, with the intricate work that truly reflects the amazing talent of craftsmen . Simply put, the Sarees and the work is just beyond compare , elegant and very unique!!

Nishi Suresh

Aalpona- Kantha embroidered saree

A big shout out to Kalkattevalli for reviving Exquisite Bengali folk craftsmanship art, each and every piece of their merchandise are hand crafted painstakingly for days to bring out some of the most phenomenal designs which is uniquely bespoke and delightfully exclusive to every proud owner. I gifted this saree to my mom and she was absolutely delighted to see how good the handcrafted design looks on Tussar silk, the fabric is top notch, it’s light, breathable and extremely easy to maintain. Truly amazing!! I wish Kalkattevaali all the very best for reaching out to a broader audience, as their work needs deserved recognition.
Regards Asish

Asish Kumar Saha

Urban Sketch- Commissioned work

Had an amazing custom made urban sketch of my hometown. The portrait had everything I wanted and more. It’s beautiful!

Ramya Giri

Kantha embroidered silk stole

Loved the embroidery and craftsmanship of the stole. Definitely going to be a prized possession of mine!

Archana Ravi

Naturally dyed tussar silk saree

Suchitra Dasgupta

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