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Armenian Street, Kolkata-Urban Sketch


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The Armenian settlement was formed in one of the suburbs of Murshidabad, the then capital of Bengal. This was during the rule of the Mughal Emperor, Aurangazeb. Armenians were a vibrant & active merchant community in Bengal. They helped the British to establish their position in Bengal & make Calcutta a pivotal point for their trade & commerce.

A few churches, cemeteries and less than 200 Armenians are all that’s left of the once powerful Armenian colonies. The number of Armenians have dwindled to a mere 150 now. Yet in Kolkata we still have a street named after them, the Armenian Street.

The sketch depicts one of the churches in Armenian Street, Kolkata. A must visit street to soak into the bygone history.

Artish- Avidip Kundu

More Information

6in (Length) x 8in (width)


Pen, Ink & water colour on paper.


Urban Sketches are not returnable as the work displayed are distinct and would not be replicated. The artist would issue an E- authentication certificate to the buyer.


The sketch is unframed. The size mentioned is the actual dimension of the sketch alone. It is surrounded by an white mount.

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Armenian Street, Kolkata-Urban Sketch


1 in stock