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Bakasur ka vadh- Bengal Pattachitra


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One day, all the cowherds took their cattles to a large pond to let them drink water. There, they saw a huge creature sitting like a hillock on the river bank. They were frightened by its appearance. The creature was in fact a demon named Bakasur who had arrived there in the guise of a storke after being instructed by Kansa, Kirshna’ s Uncle who hated Krishna for his super natural power/ divinity. This was to kill Lord Krishna.  As soon as the cowherds drew near him, the storke hastily picked up Lord Krishna with his beak.  Lord Krishna held his beak with both his hands and tore the demon’s mouth apart. And as soon as the demon died, a ripple of joy surged among the cowherds.

Bengal Pattachitra paintings are priceless collectibles. The pattachitra painting is an art form that originated in 19th century Bengal, in the vicinity of Kali Temple in Kolkata and is considered to be one of the earliest forms of pop art in India.

Craft: Bengal Pattachitra by the Patuas (State of West Bengal)

Artist- Rahim Chitrakar

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22in (Length) x 14in (width)


Art Paper, Natural Vegetable Colours made by the artists. Old recycled fabrics trimmed as per the dimension of the paper & pasted a esthetically on the rear for the stiffness.
The paintings are pest controlled.


Advise no water spillage as that could fade the natural colours.


The paintings are not returbanle as they made to order.
Any imperfections/irregularities to be viewed as virtues of hand-painted craft.


In 10-15 business days time.

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Bakasur ka vadh- Bengal Pattachitra


Available on backorder