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Jamai Shashti- Bengal Pattachitra


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Jamai Shashti is an important day for Bengalees.

Jamai means son in law & Shashti is a Tithi (one of the Vedic ways of time keeping). Shashti is prescribed to occur on the sixth day of each lunar month of the Hindu Calender.

Jamai Shashti is dedicated to Goddess Shashti who is revered as a protector of couples, children & the whole family.

As per the rituls, after performing the Puja of Goddess Shashti early in the morning, the mother welcomes her daughter & son in law as they step inside the house. She performs aarti on them & every kind of longevity is wished for both of them by tying a yellow thread which is believed to be blessed by Goddess Shashti.

According to the Bengali tradition, the Son in law is fed well. There is also a tradition to wind the Jamai with Hath Pakha or hand fan as depicted in the painting. He is out rightly pampered by the family member of his wife.

Craft: Bengal Pattachitra by the Patuas (State of West Bengal)

Artist- Kalpana Chitrakar

More Information

22in (Length) x 28in (width)


Art Paper, Natural Vegetable Colours made by the artists. Old recycled fabrics trimmed as per the dimension of the paper & pasted a esthetically on the rear for the stiffness.
The paintings are pest controlled.


Advise no water spillage as that could fade the natural colours.


The paintings are not returbanle as they made to order.
Any imperfections/irregularities to be viewed as virtues of hand-painted craft.


In 10-15 business days time.

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Jamai Shashti- Bengal Pattachitra


Available on backorder