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Kantha on Leafy Shibori- Wall hanging


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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Kantha embroidery, where age-old tradition meets modern elegance. This exquisite art form, flourishing in Bengal, India, features stunning hand stitching that transforms simple cloth into captivating narratives. But what elevates Kantha to a new level of artistry is the perfect canvas it adorns in this instance: naturally dyed Shibori fabric.

Shibori: A Symphony of Colors: Shibori, a Japanese technique of resist dyeing, creates breathtaking patterns on textiles.

By meticulously folding, twisting, or binding the fabric, artisans achieve mesmerizing geometric designs and captivating color variations. Naturally dyed Shibori takes this a step further, using organic dyes derived from plants, flowers, and minerals. This eco-friendly approach imbues the fabric with a depth of color unmatched by synthetic dyes, while also ensuring a sustainable and responsible creation process.

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14"x26" (inches)


Pure cotton base fabric, natural dye used for Shibori/tie & dye, pure cotton threads for kantha embroidery.


The embroidered wall art is unframed.

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Kantha on Leafy Shibori- Wall hanging


6 in stock