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Kumortuli-Urban Sketch


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Kumortuli or Kumartuli is a potter’s quater in northern Kolkata. The potters have been sculpting the idols of gods & goddessess since time immemorial.  Although the look & feel of Kumortuli is age old & very humbling, the sculpotors not only manufacture & fashion  the idols for various Indian festivals in India, they also export them.

The sketch depicts the idol of Goddess Kali, who has been completely embelished & fashioned. She is waiting to be carried by her devotees from the potter’s quarter.

There is another small & very sketcy idol of Kali right beside the big one. She has been placed on a cart, carried by her devotees from another community or area seated around her & holding her.

She is being revered by her devotees from all walks of life at various capacities. She enjoys the material relativity that is offered to her & the devotion/rituals that remain sacrosanct across class.

Artist- Avidip Kundu

More Information

11 in (Length) x 8in (width)


Brush pen on parchment paper.


Urban Sketches are not returnable as the work displayed are distinct and would not be replicated. The artist would issue an E- authentication certificate to the buyer.


The sketch is unframed . The size mentioned is the actual dimension of the sketch alone. It is surrounded by an white mount.

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Kumortuli-Urban Sketch


1 in stock