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Abhishti- Kantha embroidered on pure Tussar Silk Saree


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Saree Description :

Made out of 100 percent handwoven Tussar Silk, this saree is a statement piece. The saree forms the most authentic “gheeya” Tussar base, for the beautiful embroidery, atop. Abhishti in Sanskrit, means power or superior. The hand embroidered Kantha Stitch of this saree speaks a woven allegory of the same. The entire saree is a tapestry of intricate black and red embroidered arrow heads. The arrow heads are symbolic of the hindrances that every woman faces, for demanding equality. The pallu of the saree is embroidered in a more complex pattern. It can almost be deemed as a woven translation of human chromosome threads! Till date women struggle to strive for equality. Establishing ‘superiority’ is almost unattainable. However, the race deeming us inferior, often forgets, they too are born out of a woman. Doesn’t that make us women, invincible? The very thoughtful pattern of gene on the pallu, is symbolic of this aspect, itself. The saree as explained, indeed has a state of the art embroidery on itself. However, despite its contemporary artistry, Abhishti stills holds a traditional gravity! All in all, Abhishti is a woven ode for every women. It is an ode to remind them of their ‘superior’ strength to create wonders for themselves and the world. It is an ode to remind them that if they can create life inside them, they are nothing less than the closest creatures to god!

Kalkatte Vaali vouches that all our Kantha Stitch sarees are embroidered with premium quality cotton thread, which delineates the risk of colour spill. Every saree of our collection is 100 percent hand woven, taking approximately 6 to 8 months to complete . Hence donning a Kalkatte Vali saree is paying a homage to the relentless efforts of our brilliant artisans coming from the heart of humble District of Birbhum.

More Information
Saree measurement

5.5 metres

Blouse measurement

1 metre approx


Pure Tussar silk


Pure cotton threads


– The blouse piece of this saree is natural Tussar silk that has matching embroidery on the sleeves.
– The featured blouse worn by the model is solely for the purpose of photo shoot .
– In the event of availability of stock, the saree would get delivered to you in 7 business days time.
– In the event of non availability of the sarree, connect with us to pre order. Turn around time would be 6 to 8 months depending on the density of the embroidery.
– These handcrafted sarees are not eligible for a return.


Dry clean & polish

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Abhishti- Kantha embroidered on pure Tussar Silk Saree


1 in stock